I Need Serenity
Kiss Me 11-26-06 12:49
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Thats how bored I got so yeah.. lol. It's cute and you know it. :)

Mitch and I are b/f and g/f again.. :D

im so happy
and i getta see him tomorrow night
ugh it needs to come already!! lol im impatient.
but i cant help it.. i love that kid.

wish us luck

Sexy Boy You So Fly 11-20-06 14:33
OMFG today couldn't go any better. Well it could but then there'd be no point in me saying that lol.
Mitch and I might be going back out... which will making me REALLY REALLY HAPPY!! ahh I love that kid.. always have.. probably always will. I can't deny it. Idk why theres just something about him. ugh lol anyways thats enough for today.
Sooo things have been okay for the most part. Miranda and C'rinne are coming over tonight .. working on our english project. Ha. Yeah fun aye? Then tomorrow I get out of school early and go to the dentist. Yay dentist.. not. Then bout 5pm im going up to the library to hang out with Mitch. mhmm. Then when I come home i'll be packing.. and packing.. and packing.. did I mention i'll be packing? lol. Then I have to be at the airport at 4:45am and we like at 6am to Nashville, TN and I won't be back until late sunday night.
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'Nough said.
I'm happy because me and Jess are good again.

I'm sad cause its still confusing as ever.

and no matter one.. someones gonna end up hurt.

Might as well be me right? I should be use to it.

And I seem to be making things worse.

Very confusing
The past few days
Treating me like shit
Why do you gotta be that way?
Not telling me why you're mad at me
Now your bitching because i supposeibly gave u a third degree?
Maybe it wouldnt have happend if you answered me in the first fucking place
I'm sorry if i'm not considered as your friend
Which is really fucked up
Because i've been like a sister to you
Yet still find ways to bring me down and treat me like shit just because your not getting your fucking way.
Deal with it sweetheart
Life isn't about getting what you want
It's about knowing what you want and trying to get it
Sorry that you're a stuck up spoiled brat
Who takes things for granted

Sorry i had to get off my chest. Ugh fucking aye. Im so fed up right now. Anyways tomorrow should be fun. Me and Mitch are hanging out. Yep.

so okay Nikki and I are good again.. yay. Now theres drama between Justin and Nash and Nikki. Pretty much its Nikki & Justin vs. Nash. see I guess Nash cheated on Justin or w/e and Justin is like doing really really bad.. like hes cutting etc etc. He'll prolly end up going to the hospital and what not but yeah. And they're putting me in the middle and i finally said fuck it im not on either side. I shuld be on Justin and Nikki's side because ive known them longer and it was fucked up what Nash did but Nash is my friend too and I love them all to death and when it comes to Friend Vs. Friend.. im not gonna take anyones side.

So yeah today has been a good day. Umm tomorrow is halloween.. yay? lol. Derek is coming over and so is (possibly) Rachel and Jessica and we're gonna hand out candy and just hang out at my house and what not.. its gonna be fun.
I'm Barely Hanging On 10-29-06 12:05
People are really begining to piss me off. Like hella crazy and yet the funny thing is I didn't do anything. Like Nikki for example. Her and my friend Corey were fighting on my myspace through comments. Then shes telling everyone to send him hate mail and what not. Just because we were talking about my boobs or w/e. Its like okay we do that all the time.. its not a big deal. And shes like uh no. And I wake up this afternoon and I get online.. she fucking deletes me off her myspace. WTF?!

Ugh fucking aye. I'm so angry right now cause Matt isn't talking to me either and he blocked me and won't talk to me. WTF! Its cause supposeibly (sp?) I'm the reason of him and Julie's fight on wednesday which is complete bullshit because not once did he tell me he was trying to get back together with Julie. and wtf was Julie doing on his myspace reading our messages?

SO he won't talk to me now and wow excuse me for being lied too but I atleast deserve an explanation.

Call Me When Your Sober 10-27-06 13:47
Donít cry to me.
If you loved me, you would be here with me.
You want me, come find me.
Make up your mind.

Shouldíve let you fall,
Lose it all,
So maybe you can remember yourself.
Canít keep believing,
Weíre only deceiving ourselves,
And Iím sick of the lies,
And youíre too late.

Donít cry to me.
If you loved me, you would be here with me.
You want me, come find me.
Make up your mind.

Couldnít take the blame,
Sick with shame.
Must be exhausting to lose your own game.
Selfishly hated,
No wonder youíre jaded,
You canít play the victim this time.
And you're too late.

So, donít cry to me.
If you loved me, you would be here with me.
You love me, come find me.
Make up your mind.

You never call me when youíre sober,
You only want it Ďcause itís over - itís over.

How could I have burned paradise.
How could I, you were never mine?

So, donít cry to me.
If you loved me, you would be here with me.
Donít lie to me, just get your things.
Iíve made up your mind.

I concur.
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